Wednesday, December 10, 2008

DateTime Columns in Slowly Changing Dimension Component

We had an interesting error when implementing a slowly changing dimension in SSIS this week.

We had a date column that we were passing thru to the database from the source. However, the source was a script task because it came in from a multi-resultset stored procedure. In other data flows, where we were using an OLE DB destination, we typed datetime columns as DT_DATE. However, when we used DT_DATE with the slowly changing dimension component, it threw an error:
Error at Import Data [Slowly Changing Dimension]:The input column "input column "ALDATE (15157)" cannot be mapped to external column "external column "ALDATE (15160)" because they have different data types. The Slowly Changing Dimension transformation does not allow mapping between column of different types except for DT_STR and DT_WDTR.
After much digging and research, we determined that we had to set the output column type on the script component to DT_DBTIMESTAMP. Once we changed that, the SCD worked just fine!


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Anonymous said...

Thank you!! Solved my problem today :)