Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Repeat Table Header on Each Page in SSRS 2008R2

I ran into an issue with the tablix in SSRS 2008R2 where I set the tablix property “RepeatColumnHeaders” to True. However, this did not cause the table header to repeat.

After a little experimentation, and a little help from Paul Turley, I figured out how to consistently get the table header to repeat on every page.

The setting of the “RepeatColumnHeaders” property on the tablix seems to have no effect on this behavior. Instead, we have to set it on a static member of the row groups.

To see the static members of the row groups, click on the small drop down arrow on the far right of the row groups/columns groups header. Then select Advanced Mode.

With the static members of the row group shown, select the first one in the list. The top left cell of the tablix should be selected in the designer.

Now open the property pane and find the property “RepeatOnNewPage” and set it to True.

Then find the property “KeepWithGroup” and make sure its set to After. If its not, set it to After.

Now your table header will repeat on every page.

BTW, check out Paul’s book “Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services Recipes: for Designing Expert Reports” It has been a good resource for SSRS.