Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Removing Recent Projects in .NET

I recently had a need to cleanup my "recent project list" in BIDS.

Since you cannot do this from the .NET UI, you will have to resort to messing with the registry.

*** Serious problems might occur if you modify the registry incorrectly!!! ***
*** Modify the registry at your own risk!!! ***

That being said... Open up RegEdt32 using the Run command from the start menu.
Navigate to:

(for .NET 2003, use 7.1 instead of 8.0, for .NET 2002, use 7.0)

Then, from the right hand window, select the values that you do not want, and press delete. The value names are File1, File2, ...

Be aware that you will need to renumber these to be in order from 1 on...
If they are not in exact sequential order, they will not load on the start page. This is not documented on the Microsoft KB article (


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Anonymous said...

Bob. I've beem wandering around SSIS for quite some time looking for a way to do this. Very disturbing that we have to go to the registry to clean up the 'recent' list on the BIDS home page. Thanks for the post!