Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dynamic images in reports

Another question that comes up a lot is how to dynamically change the images in a report.
I do this with client logos, and even the company logos that I put into report. Companies change their logos quite frequently, and you don’t want to update hundreds of reports when the logo changes.

What I usually do is to put the logo out on a web server that is accessible to the report server. Then put the URL in a database table. This can be a static "config" table, or it could be your client table. (I use a table called Config, with 2 columns, ItemType, Item. I have a proc called GetConfigItem @ItemType. I pass in the item type and get back the item.)

Then I create a dataset and a parameter for each logo path that I need. The parameter is populated from the dataset.

Add an image control to your report (since you will populate the URL from a parameter, you can put the image control in the header/footer as well as the body)

Set the source to External, and the Value property to an expression: =Parameters!LogoPath.Value
If you set the image control to Fit Proportional, the logo should resize automatically.

Now if you want to change the logo, you can place the new logo out on the web server, change the URL in the database, and all reports are updated!


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